Best Automatic Window Cleaners

5. Ecovacs Winbot W830, Robot for automatic window cleaning
WINBOT W710, the Window Cleaning Robot
Another from Ecovacs in the Winbot range of cleaning robots, this is equipped with a unique Pathfinder exploration technology that uses radio waves to detect edges and obstacles while cleaning the surface. This feature allows the cleaning robot to be installed both indoors and outdoors. It works on all the main types of glass, including Thermopane, frosted and structured glass.

4. The Glider D-3, Magnetic Window Cleaner for double glazed windows

Are you looking for a specialized cleaning robot for special surfaces? The Glider D-3 is here to provide you with exactly that. The Glider D-3 is purpose-built to clean double-glazed windows that are difficult to reach from the inside due to their size and thickness. All you have to do is attach the robot on the hard to reach the window and let it do the job. The Glider D-3 is magnetic and you can be sure it will not fall from the surface of the window.

3. TechComm V5 remote-controlled window cleaning robot

Versatility and effectiveness are the only strengths of this automatic cleaning robot. It can work on all types of surfaces ranging from windows of different brands and textures to surfaces that go into buildings such as concrete, fiber, wood, tiles and granite. You can also use it to clean windows on skyscrapers and shopping complexes where it is difficult for a cleaner to reach effectively. The cleaning robot is gentle on the windows and does not pressurize the surface during cleaning.

2. Hot Magnetic Rose Cop inside a high and tall X6 outdoor window cleaning robot

The Cop Rose X6 also works vertically for cleaning Windows. It is able to clean all types of windows from textured windows to simple windows in your home. However, the defining characteristic of this window cleaning robot is that it sucks up dirt like a vacuum cleaner. In addition, it has an internal backup battery that keeps the cleaner running for 30 minutes even when the battery runs out. It also comes with a spare cord that can be used to suspend the robot and can withstand a total weight of 150 kg. It has twelve cleaning swabs that can be easily cleaned. You can use any liquid detergent and the detergent will work perfectly.

1. The X6 window cleaner, the automatic vacuum shower cleaner

For hazardous surfaces where it may be too risky to put a human cleaner, the Cop Rose X6 enters the scene. It is able to clean multiple types of surfaces including wood, marble, granite, glass and even tiles.

Like the previous models, the Cop Rose X6 is equipped with a spare battery that can continue to run for half an hour after the original battery has run out. For added safety, it is also possible to deploy an additional rope capable of handling almost 150 kilograms of weight. Although the robot is large enough to cover areas, it comes with a cleaning extension mechanism that can be extended up to 4, 8, 12, 16 and 20 meters. If an additional squeegee or washer is required as an option, you can check the Best Automatic Window Cleaners